NICU Nurses and Lactation Consultants, This is Why Milk Stork is a Game-Changer for NICU Families

November is Prematurity Awareness Month and that puts the spotlight back on the life-saving work neonatal staff do every day. In addition to employer support, many NICU parents rely on resources and recommendations from you, their trusted neonatal nurses and NICU lactation consultants, to help them navigate the journey.

Here are a few reasons why it’s helpful for neonatal nurses and lactation consultants to have Milk Stork as a tool in your back pocket when speaking with NICU families.

1. Trusted breast milk shipping

Neonatal nurses and lactation consultants know the value of breast milk better than anyone! From boosting immune function to aiding in neurological development, breast milk offers an array of benefits that can be lifesaving for a preemie. Milk Stork’s convenient, medical-grade coolers and travel solutions ensure that this liquid gold gets safely from mom to baby, no matter the distance or circumstances.

2. Eliminating Logistical Hurdles

The monumental efforts parents go through to provide breast milk, particularly when they are juggling work, baby’s siblings, and the emotional toll of having a baby in the NICU, is unparalleled. Milk Stork’s breast milk travel solutions take off some of this logistical load. Breast milk is powerful but fragile in nature. To transport it safely and preserve its nutrients, the CDC recommends refrigerating it at 40 degrees or colder. That can be challenging for parents with long drives to and from the NICU. Consider a cooler with powerful insulation like the Cool Commuter, especially in the summer months when outside temperatures increase.

3. Stress-Free Travel with Breast Milk

NICU journeys are fraught with highs and lows. The stress of breast milk logistics can add an additional layer of emotional burden on families. Recommending a dependable service like Milk Stork can alleviate some of this emotional weight, allowing parents to focus more on bonding with their baby.

So the next time you interact with a NICU family stressed about pumping and traveling with breast milk, consider introducing them to Milk Stork. It’s one more way to go the extra mile in providing comprehensive, compassionate care.

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