Best Online Breastfeeding Groups and Resources for Moms

While breastfeeding is a natural bonding experience between a newborn and a new mother, it doesn’t always come easily or naturally. So if you are struggling with lactation and latching, know that this is absolutely normal and you are definitely not alone!

Your breastfeeding journey should be as unique as you, so we rounded up 8 websites and online groups where you can ask questions, share your frustrations (and success stories!), vent, cry, and get support from other breastfeeding parents.

For Parents Seeking a Professional Opinion

If you haven’t come across this incredibly helpful site yet, we highly recommend bookmarking it because you’ll visit it frequently for all things related to breastfeeding and parenting. Kelly Bonyata is a mom of 3 and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant behind the popular website

For Moms in Search of Community

One of the biggest Facebook Groups with over 350,000 members is The Leaky Boob. It aims to be a safe place for open conversation about breastfeeding and helps to support nursing mothers through positivity and laughter.

For Exclusively Pumping Moms

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

If you are choosing to pump exclusively, you can turn to this site created by Amanda Glenn, a Certified Lactation Counsellor who also exclusively pumped for her son for 14 months. Her goal is to help you pump and feed when nursing isn’t possible nor desired, and to provide a judgment-free space. You can also join her Facebook Group with over 34,000 exclusively pumping members.

For Chestfeeding Trans Parents and Allies

What would we do without Facebook?! It really has evolved from a social media platform to become a virtual meeting and support place for anyone and everyone, including nursing trans and genderfluid or gender-neutral people, their allies, and health care providers. Each member that requests to join this group is screened to ensure member privacy and to protect this open environment.

For Non-Birthing Parents

Medela is known as being one of the top baby care brands favored by new parents but did you also know they offer blogs, research, helpful tips, and content to support you through breastfeeding challenges, victories, and everything in between? Join their Mom’s Room and take advantage of their free program to support your breastfeeding goals and journey.

For Moms Looking for a Place to Pump & Additional Resources

Mamava is on a mission to reduce breastfeeding barriers for moms by providing a private, clean, and comfortable place to use a breast pump or breastfeed wherever they go. Additionally, Mamava provides a fantastic blog for breastfeeding mothers to lean on for all things motherhood-related.

For Black Breastfeeding Moms

Looking for a support group for Black moms? Check out this Facebook group to join a mom-to-mom breastfeeding community. The group offers encouragement, support, and evidence-based information to help expectant and nursing moms reach their breastfeeding goals.

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