How to Throw a COVID-Friendly Birthday Party for Your Child

Being in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean your child’s birthday party has to be put on hold. With extra creativity and safety measures, we can still celebrate and continue creating milestone memories together-apart!

Here are five ideas for adding fun and flare to your at-home birthday parties…

Host a BYOB (bring your own bevy) Art Birthday Party.  Many local art studios are offering virtual craft classes that come with pre-packaged kits that you can pickup and drop off at your guest’s home. Ask participants to have their favorite juice or iced tea on hand and start the party off with a celebratory cheers to the birthday boy or girl. 

Have a mystery surprise hunt which is a fun twist on the classic scavenger hunt. Before your guests arrive, hide five to six little treasure boxes filled with toy cars, colorful erasers, bath bombs and other party favors. Hand out loot bags with a map of your neighborhood or a list of secret clues and send your guests on their merry way to locate these hidden treasures. When they find a box, they can take one item and keep it. What a great way to explore the neighborhood, burn energy and this can all be done at a social distance. 

With theaters closed now, make your child’s day special by hosting a backyard (or garage) movie night. Setup blankets six feet apart and ask guests to bring a pillow or something comfy to sit on. Serve popcorn and other favorite snacks (purchase individual packages and juice boxes) and remember to announce the movie in advance so everyone can come dressed up in the theme!

What kid wouldn’t love a birthday party parade with front row seats! Setup a special seat in your front yard or window and coordinate a one hour time slot for friends and family to drive, bike or walk by your home to honk, wave and sing happy birthday.  

Friends can drop off gifts on your lawn and help decorate it. Ask guests to bring a craft they created in advance to stick on the garage or front door or provide pre-cut streamers and other decorations to hang on a tree. Set aside a basket of chalk so they can also write a birthday greeting on your driveway or sidewalk.

No matter what you end up doing, keep these tips and safety guidelines in mind when hosting a get-together in your home:

  • While surprises are always fun, involve your child in the party planning prep and baking the cupcakes. It makes them feel like their big day is really theirs!
  • Instead of serving one large cake, opt for cupcakes or mini bundt cake – this way, your child can still blow out a candle on his or her individual treat.
  • If you are hosting an in-person party, make sure it’s outdoors and limit the guest list. For younger children, invite only one parent per family.
  • Masks are expected but still include a friendly reminder in the invitation and have extra on hand in case someone forgets or loses theirs. Also, have plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes available of course!
  • Avoid finger foods or big buffet spreads and make it a snack-only party. Purchase individual packages and juice boxes or bottled water and place them in decorated baskets for guests to grab themselves.
  • No party is complete without loot bags but during a pandemic, the less contact with little trinkets the better. A $5 gift card for a Starbucks hot chocolate or to the local ice cream shop would be just as appreciated!

This birthday party will be one that we won’t soon forget! How did you celebrate your birthday during COVID-19? Let us know or comment below if we missed any other ideas or tips.

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