8 Germ-Busting & Germ-Avoiding Products Every Parent Should Know About

Now that we are getting used to life being an ever-changing normal, and have started venturing back out again, we’ve rounded up our eight favorite products to help ease the COVID-19 germ anxiety while keeping our kids healthy as we navigate parenting in a pandemic!

Busy Baby Mat


Put an end to the dreaded, toddler toy drop with a mat that keeps little ones entertained and their stuff off the ground! This placement mat is made of FDA approved food-grade silicon and securely suctions to a table top. We love the fun colors and the two loops that are included can double as tethers or be used as a tie to hang toys off a stroller. Our Maker Mom is Beth Fynbo from Minnesota.

The Pop Pacifier


Pop goes the pacifier when it drops! No need to worry about dirty floors or surfaces because the nipple neatly tucks in, saving it from unwanted contact with all things yuck. Available in a rainbow of colors and suitable for newborns to teething babies. Made with 100% silicon and love by tag team moms, Nikki and Janna from NYC & Seoul!

The nrd


Avoiding every day contact with door handles, touchscreens and shopping basket handles is now doable! These colorful finger coverings are tiny but mighty enough to push, pull, turn, grab, and grip anything without direct contact and transferring germs. 

Touch-free thermometer

Touch-Free Thermostat

We aim to live in a contact-free world now and this thermometer keeps your family healthy and safe with advanced infrared technology. Get an immediate and accurate reading without touching the skin or disturbing your child while they sleep. It’s that simple!

Outta Hand Sanitizer


When hand sanitizing becomes part of our hourly routine, germaphobes can now rejoice with the Outta Hand Sanitizer. Created by parents, John and Lindsey Ryan, this sanitizer is a clean non-toxic gel that is 70% alcohol — exceeding the CDC’s recommended amount. Outta Hand Sanitizer is not just a powerful germ-killer, it’s also big on purpose. With every product purchased, Tiny Human makes a donation to Children’s Hunger Fund  providing a meal to a hungry child in need. #WinWin!

Dapple Baby breast pump and accessories disinfectant wipes

These are a must-have for nursing moms on the go! Non-toxic, hypoallergenic wipes that remove tough breast milk residue and deep cleans breast pump parts and accessories with no harsh chemicals. Mom life is messy so these are also great for disinfecting bottles, pacifiers and toys that get dropped on the floor.

eatCleaner on-the-go food wipes


No water, no problem! These plant-based, biodegradable wipes are perfect for wiping that apple when your little one insists on having it right out of the grocery market or oops, when they accidentally drop a utensil. Individually wrapped for convenience and ready to go wherever you go!

Automatic soap dispenser kit

A simple, touchless and hygienic way to wash your hands! We love the functionally sleek design for a clutter-free surface and the anti-drip spout keeps not only your hands clean but also your countertop.

Stay safe and healthy and let us know about the germ-busting and germ-avoiding products that you and your family love!

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