Mom-Invented Baby Products We Know You Will Love!

At Milk Stork we are all about supporting mamas who are on a mission to make things happen for themselves, all while helping fellow new moms in the process. We loved this article that our friends over at Patch posted on must-have baby products, all created by inspiring momtrepreneurs. Check out some of our favorites! 

1. Bare® Air-free Feeding System

Bare® baby bottles offer advancements that reduce gas, colic and reflux symptoms in babies. These bottles dispense air-free milk to prevent gas build-up, and feed in an upright position, allowing baby to control the flow of milk. Designed by a mama from Perú, this feeding technology will make for a happy, healthy baby.

Bare baby bottles

2. Aden + Anais

Introducing the Muslin swaddle to the U.S. baby market, Australian-born momtrepreneur Raegan Moya-Jones is the brains behind Aden + Anais organic, soft and light-weight muslin wraps. 

Aden + Anais

3. Belly Bandit

Lori Caden and her sisters teamed up to create Belly Bandit, a post-pregnancy shapewear collection dedicated to helping moms look and feel their best, post-baby.

Belly Bandit

4. Kizingo Spoons

The founders of this company are two momtrepreneurs that created an ergonomic spoon that allows toddlers to feed themselves successfully (and mess-free).

Kizingo Spoons

5. Hope Carried

These Baby Wraps and Ring Slings are made by military moms in Texas. Founded by Air Force Family mom, Brea Alvulov, Hope Carried employs women who wish to contribute to their family, but unable to find stable employment due to extenuating circumstances.

6. Hatch Baby

This sleep magic device can be controlled via wifi and includes a built-in sound machine and night light. The founders, parents Ann and Dave Weiss, knew that they had to tap into technology in order to make the lives of fellow new (and all) parents easier. We forgot to mention Hatch Baby is also Alex-enabled!

Hatch Baby Rest

7. Abby & Finn Diapers

Created by parents who know first-hand how baby expenses can add up, Abby & Finn is an eco-friendly diaper subscription service for busy parents who no longer need to worry about running out. For every monthly subscription box purchased, Abby & Finn donates 30 diapers to families in need.

Diapers & Wipes

8. Lactation Lab

Founded by Dr. Stephanie Canale, Lactation Lab stemmed from her personal need to understand what was in her breast milk, and her subsequent mission to help mothers optimize their milk and baby’s nutrition. Lactation Lab analyzes breast milk for basic nutritional content and, based on those findings, offers mamas personalized suggestions for enhancing their milk quality.

Premium Breast Milk Test Kit

9. Wean Green

A solution for fun, practical and sustainable glass food storage, Wean Green was created by a busy mama who, unable to find small, eco-friendly glass storage options for her homemade baby food, decided to make them herself! Wean Green’s eco-chic designs make it possible for everyone to choose environmentally-friendly products without sacrificing style. All containers are reusable and infinitely recyclable.

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