Rebecca Dunn-Levert

Ihave been traveling for work many times per year for many years. When I gave birth I knew that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed and it would be a challenge. When it was determined that my son had a milk allergy, I decided that there was no way I was turning back. He was about six weeks old so I was in pumping overdrive trying to pump as much milk reserves as possible.

When I took my first trip I had about 18 ounces saved. Since it was only one night I knew he would be fine but if it were any longer I would have to ship my milk. I simply did not have enough milk stored.

I went to the airport with 55 ounces of milk and five ice packs and the TSA checkpoint was a bit of a disaster. The milk was heavy and I had to explain all of it. The person had to look through a book to see if it was really allowed (I had already looked so I knew it was fine).

When I got home I was discussing it with a friend and I told her I was going to use FedEx or UPS in the future. That was when she told me about Milk Stork. The rest is history. I’ve used Milk Stork about ten times now and it has been a godsend. It is at the hotel when I arrive and I can leave it at the front desk when I am ready to ship and it is delivered to my son’s daycare the next day with no issues.

I am actually using it as I type this story. The box was delivered to my room a few hours ago with no issues. I can honestly say it provides my husband and I with so much peace of mind. The first time we tried it we were concerned but the concerned completely dissipated after my first trip. When I left today there was no question about if my son would receive his milk.

– Submitted by Rebecca Dunn-Levert, Engineer

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