Crazy Pumping Stories

If you are one of our faithful Instagram followers, then you have been exposed to some of the crazy pumping stories we have posted over the past few months. As you can imagine, there are many more where those came from!

It is insane how dedicated all you mamas are — between the places and situations you’ve found yourselves in while trying to get milk to your baby, we are in awe of you, and can’t help but continue to share your stories.

There are SO many stories, and we would share all of them if we could, but here are some of our recent favorites:


Amy (@doerfmama) shared that while her motorhome was getting loaded onto the back of a semi, her baby was getting so hungry that she hopped into the truck’s cab and breastfed on the side of the road!


Appy (@aparnaarajasekaran) explained a funny moment she experienced one day at work. She had been pumping regularly at work for nine months, and one day she had to take an external video call. Typically, she would turn her video camera off, but this time didn’t think to do it. She was pumping during the call and her manager slightly hinted at seeing a “yellow thing” which made her finally realize that her camera was on!!


Kristen (@sprocket88) decided to take a stance on her mama rights at the airport. She decided that she wasn’t going pump in a dirty restroom but in the open where she felt more sanitary.


Kelly (@copykelly) compared her pumping experiences to the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs & Ham.

“Could you, would you in a plane, on a train, in a car, in a van, in a theater, in an Uber, on a farm, in a barn, at a wedding? Working in advertising provides for a plethora of unique pumping situations! Currently pumping in South Africa with my Milk Stork box waiting in my hotel room!”


All of you. We love sharing your stories, and hearing how you keep making things happen, no matter the circumstances you find yourselves in. We are inspired by your grit and determination. If you have a story to share, DM us on Instagram.

You keep telling us and we will keep sharing!  Until then – keep making moves, moms.

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