New York Law Brings Changing Tables to Men’s Restrooms

It’s as if dads just emerged. As of 2018, New York passed a new law that requires all men’s bathrooms to have changing tables, finally, but that was just the easy part. In 2018, a dad posted a photo of himself squatting on the bathroom floor changing his baby’s diaper.

Donte Palmer began his post with, “What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathrooms as if we don’t exist!” He included a hashtag #squatforchange and his post ended up going viral. His hashtag also became a social campaign to raise awareness for other fathers.

After many men – and women for that matter – rallied together, one state decided to implement a new law that required that changing tables be available in all bathrooms.

One couple shared their celebration on Twitter, posting, “Gay dads like me and my husband may never have to change diapers on the bathroom floor again!”

We’re celebrating with you and will keep fighting until every state does the same; because dads change diapers too.

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