Happy Father’s Day, Superdad!

This one’s for all the Superdads out there! Today we celebrate you and all you do to support breastfeeding. We see you. And we appreciate you. It made our day when you:

  • Helped make sure that we had a good latch
  • Tackled all of the middle-of-the-night diaper changes
  • Did the dream feed so we could get a little more sleep
  • Brought us a tall glass of water when we were pumping or nursing, because the thirst kicked in
  • Shared a good, hard laugh with us the first time we hooked up to that crazy pump
  • Cleaned and sanitized an endless supply of bottles and pump parts
  • Helped us keep going when we thought we couldn’t

You were there when we needed you the most.

For all this and more, thank you, Superdad. Happy Father’s Day!

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