Brit Williams

Ifound Milk Stork as I was trying to prepare for an 8 day international work trip when my son was just 5 months. Prior to this trip, I had tried the whole pack my milk in a cooler and it was horrible. I was worried about my milk, TSA checked ALL my stuff and ALL of me and then took my ice packs because they weren’t “frozen” enough (and wouldn’t be the only time they took my ice packs from me). After the ordeal I had to run to my gate location so I could pump and find ice in time to get on my plane. I pumped in the handicap bathroom in tears feeling violated and deflated – “I just need to feed my human!”. After I took a moment to gather myself I went to search for ice (good thing I brought extra ziplock bags), I found myself again in tears because the vendor would only give me a half of cup of ice, “per their ice policy”. I tried to explain it was to keep my breast milk cold for a 3.5 hour flight and she just looked at me and said “nope.” I looked around me and everyone just glanced away. So I filled my gallon ziplock bag with a half a cup of ice and prayed it would all be okay. After that trip I was determined to find another way to travel with milk and not spend hours figuring out the logistics of keeping it safe. Milk Stork made all the difference on my 8 day trip! And continues to make traveling easier since I travel about 1 time a month and I’m hoping to breastfeed until my little one is 1 year old. I have worked with my employer to sponsor Milk Stork for the first year of nursing as previously it was sporadic with no policy and then it was only for 9 months, but now women at our company can confidently know that they can travel, pump and their milk will be taken care of.

– Submitted by Brit Williams, Event Manager

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