Lauren Rosner

My youngest had just turned one. My eldest was three. I received a grant from my work to attend our annual conference in Austin and made plans to be gone for a full 7 days. This was the first time I would be away from my boys–ever!

Breastfeeding my second actually proved to be much more difficult than my first and my milk production had been low, meaning I had no freezer full of milk to supply my mom and dad with as they were to watch the boys.

My HR director told me about Milk Stork. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I would be able to ship milk to my mom from the conference?

I was really nervous when I received the package at the hotel. Would this work? Would my milk get there in time and cold? How could I trust the delivery?

I shipped my precious milk 1000 miles home and it arrived quick and cold and I was relieved.

Milk Stork gets that traveling is stressful for mamas. This was a breeze and I was so so happy.

And, my wonderful employer paid for it as well!

– Submitted by Lauren Rosner, Senior Project Manager

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