Savon Sampson

I‘ve used Milk Stork on almost all of my business trips. The one time, I didn’t it was a disaster. My company wanted to use dry ice and I recommended we use Milk Stork; I was overridden by someone higher up who had always had a great experience with dry ice. Here’s how it went down: Days 1-4 my milk was shipped overnight at 4pm to my home for a 10am delivery and all was fine. On the last day, it was a Friday and the Friday before Memorial Day. I specifically asked if someone had checked with FedEx to ensure Saturday delivery on the Holiday weekend. They said yes…well they lied. My milk (my liquid gold) didn’t arrive until Monday at 10am. It was cool, but not still frozen and I had no idea how long it had been un-thawed. That milk had to be used for milk baths 🙁 I immediately sent the woman at the company who made the dry ice decision a note about what happened to my milk and she apologized. She also said they would not use dry ice again. Now we are all Milk Stork fans!

– Submitted by Savon Sampson

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